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Walmart Breaks Own Record for Cyber Monday 2014

Walmart.com announced yesterday that last Cyber Monday (December 1, 2014) was one of their biggest day for online orders placed. Ever since Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals began appearing on Walmart.com’s online store,...

TiG Tech Talk 002

[TiG] Tech Talk Episode 002 – This Weeks Tech News

In the second episode of That’s It Guys Tech Talk, or [TiG] Tech Talk, we covered net neutrality, VR headsets, humans landing a vessel on a comet, and Halo. Enjoy:  Join Matt, Yousef, &...

Straight Talk iPhone Display

Straight Talk to Carry the iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 UPDATED

Very interesting news came in today regarding the no-contract carrier, Straight Talk. Straight Talk Wireless will be carrying the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on their $45 a month unlimited plan at Walmart stores...