Walmart Challanges Gamestop, Taking Video Game Trade-ins / Selling Certified Pre-Owned in Stores

Walmart has apparently done well the cell phone and tablet trade-in program they’ve been operating since last September. Now they’re looking to take on the largest pre-owned video game retailer, GameStop, by accepting video game trade-ins at more than 3100 stores throughout the United States beginning March 26th of this year.


The retail giant is gearing up to offer “Certified Pre-Owned” video games, which will begin selling on and in Walmart Stores later this year. What are “Certified Pre-Owned” video games, according to Walmart? According to the press release, the games will be refurbished, packaged up, and should be in like-new condition. Like new would imply the manuals would be included.

Be prepared to find your box and manual, because as of right now it is a requirement. After the game disk and packaging is verified, a value will be assessed and issued on a Walmart Gift Card, which can be used at Walmart,, Sam’s Club, and

If you’re interested in checking the trade-in value of your game, the website is up right now to do so:

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