MetroVac DataVac Pro Electric Duster / Vacuum (MDV-1BA) Review

I was looking for something to replace canned air blowers for cleaning out my personal computers and electronic devices. Shane recommended me two models that would fit what I was looking for. One of them was the DataVac ED500, which was reviewed by Shane recently. However, the one I picked was the was the Blower and Vacuum combo. The main reason why I wanted the vacuum feature was for dusting.

The DataVac Pro Series Model MDV-1BA is manufactured in the U.S. by MetroVac. It features 500-Watt motor that pushes 70 cubic feet of air per minute out of the blower side, while vacuuming on the other side. The vacuum and blower combo is housed in an enamel coated steel case, has a 12 foot cable, and only weighs 3 pounds.

DataVacPro Series-MDV-1BA

Included with the unit is a 19-inch flexible hose, a shoulder strap, five disposable paper bags, and several adapter tips for various cleaning applications. This includes a crevice tool, an air pin-pointer, a soft bristle brush, and a four-piece micro-cleaning tool kit.

The unit has an on/off switch that simultaneously turns on the vacuum and the blower. I was unaware of this when I purchased the unit, so the first time I powered it on, air was blowing on the other side which could have blown papers off a desk. As the air is drawn in through the vacuum, the debris is captured by the disposable filter. There is also another filter behind that to filter the air going from the vacuum side to the blower side of the DataVac.

Basically, while you’re vacuuming, you are also blowing air out of the other end of the unit at 70 cubic feet per minute.


I’ve been using this for just over a month to clean out my desktops, laptops, keyboard, microphone, and just dusting around my office. It’s been great so far. I haven’t used all the pieces, because the micro-tip and the dusting brush seems to handle everything for me – including keyboards. As for the other parts, the soft bristle brush is great for cleaning out keyboards either through the vac or blower. The pin-pointer is great for detailed cleaning on PCs and laptops. If you’re trying to direct airflow into hard to reach areas, you can attach the adapters to the end. Just make sure you use something to block the fans from spinning up from the blower, as this can damage the fans or reduce their lifespan.

For this Metro DataVac Pro Series MDV-1BA Vac/Blower Review, my rating of how beneficial and useful it’s been around my office is a 10 out of 10, like Shane’s review of his vacuum. This vacuum can last you a lifetime. It comes with many detachable and replaceable parts which can help with all types of electronic devices. If one of the parts break, you can simply re-order that specific part from MetroVac themselves. The vacuum never seems to overheat, and I’ve had this vacuum on for up to 20 minutes, even while using the micro-tip.

The only complaints I’ve had was that the vacuum doesn’t stand very well on its own, due to it only having three short legs. Also, while using the blower side, I’ve had the flexible tube detach. Paying $10 more for the vacuum feature is definitely worth it, as this can function as two devices in one. This is the main reason why I gave it a 10 out of 10.

Final Score: 10/10

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5 / 5 stars     
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