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T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810

T-Mobile Launches the Nokia Lumia 810

T-Mobile just put up the Nokia Lumia 810 on their website available for purchase. The price is currently $149 with the two year contract / upgrade.   Source: 


Microsoft Launches 4 New Windows 8 Commercials

Microsoft just launched 4 new commercials for their upcoming operating system, which starts selling October 25. The commercials feature annoying music and hipsters flopping around on the screen, so I’m not sure what they’re...

HTC 8X T-Mobile Signup

HTC Windows 8 Phone Signup Page At T-Mobile

T-Mobile now has a signup page for the upcoming Windows Phones from HTC, dubbed “8X”. By the phone in the picture, it looks to be an ultra-slim unibody phone with the usual HTC layout....

Lumia 900 Side

Nokia to Release White Lumia 900 [Pics]

Nokia just put up some pictures of the an unannounced white version of the upcoming Lumia 900. The 900 looks very sleek, and judging by the performance of the 710, it’s definitely a solid...