How to Install RTX Voice / Nvidia Broadcast [2022 Update]

In a previous article and subsequent video, I explained the process to install RTX Voice on a non-RTX graphics card from NVidia. In the current version of the program, it is no longer necessary to modify configuration files to get the program installed on older graphics cards – likely due to the shortage of RTX cards in the current market.

The current install process for RTX Voice / NVidia Broadcast only takes a few seconds.

Since creating the original tutorial, I was able to purchase a NVidia RTX 3080 FE, so I figured I would cover the current version of that program and the issues that you may run into. Like the previous version of RTX Voice, NVidia Broadcast still has the issue of defaulting all of your sound input and output devices in Windows. When you open the program, you will have to go into your “sound settings” on Windows by hitting the Windows key and typing that in. Your output device should be assigned to whatever you normally use. Your input device should be NVidia Broadcast, or RTX voice if you are using a non-RTX GPU.

There is also an issue I experienced while recording the follow-up video through OBS Studio. I tried changing encoding settings, disabling my audio filters, and even updating OBS Studio itself, but there are some noticeable audio glitches in the video below.

I’ll post a follow-up comment below here if I can figure out why it’s doing that or if it gets fixed with an update or setting change. It does not appear to be an issue that broadcasts through Discord, so it’s likely some glitch between OBS Studio and Nvidia Broadcast.

RTX Voice / Nvidia Broadcast Installation Guide –
Nvidia Broadcast Download Page –

Download Mirrors:
RTX Voice v0.5.12.6 Updated
NVidia Broadcast v1.3.0.45

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