Amazon Just Added Star Trek Sound Effects to Alexa!

As a huge fan of Star Trek The Next Generation, DS9, & even Voyager, I have always wanted to have access to the technology from the show. So when Amazon finally added “Computer” as a way to activate their Echo smart home devices last year, I bought some and began building my smart home to respond like on Star Trek.

I’m still working on a tutorial to show everyone how to make it so, but in the meantime Amazon has once again surprised me with a bunch of new additions. If you have an Echo, try saying one of the following commands to get appropriate Star Trek sound effects:

  • Red Alert (sorry, no “shields up, red alert”.)
  • One to beam up / # to beam up / Beam me up
  • Fire phasers
  • Fire photon torpedoes

I accidentally stumbled on this when I was testing out the RGB lights around my projection screen. They were supposed to turn red when I say “red alert”, so when the klaxon came on, I flipped out. I actually requested Amazon play Star Trek sound effects several months ago, so I guess they actually read those things! Let me know what you guys think and definitely let them know any new things you want through the feedback section of the Alexa app.

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Shane Paris

​Shane is the founder and Technical Editor-in-Chief here at That's It Guys. He enjoys Star Trek, 80s and 90s action movies, and everything tech related. Shane is highly skilled with computer hardware, software, and electronics.