Budget PC Build Guide Summer 2022

If you’ve been looking at building a PC over the last two years, you would have had a really hard time completing the build due to the lack of graphics cards. Prices are finally reasonable to build a gaming desktop. If you don’t want to wait until AMD and Nvidia launch their new graphics cards, you can put together a solid PC today.


I’ve compiled some of the parts that look interesting so far. If you see another deal, feel free to post it below in the comments. I am skewing heavily on AMD right now, as they seem to be offering the best value at the moment.

Note: The prices below are listed in USD and are subject to change.


Heatsinks / AIOs


Graphics Cards



Computer Cases

  • Corsair 220T Mid Case $110
    • Pro tip: if you want 3 more RGB fans, just buy a second case. The 3-fan kit included is the Corsair LL120 w/controller, which goes for $100 on its own.
  • Corsair 4000X Mid Case $125
    • I believe this also has the Corsair LL120 fans as well, so you could potentially buy a 220T if you need more fans and give someone the extra case / sell it.
  • Corsair 5000D Mid Case $150

Power Supplies

Example PC Build

This is a basic example of a PC build with the above parts, starting with the Ryzen 5 5000 “G” series CPU, which has onboard graphics roughly equivalent to a GT 1030.

Basic Build with onboard graphics

Subtotal: $742

GPU Upgrade Choices

CPU Upgrades

SSD / RAM Upgrades

Operating System

To install Windows 10, all you need is an empty 8GB or larger USB drive, another PC running Windows 10, and the Windows 10 Creation Tool Program. You’ll still need a Windows License, but that can be purchased through the Windows Store. Existing Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 licenses may still work for Windows 10.

Alternatively, you can install Ventoy on a USB drive (I’d suggest at least 32GB), save the .ISO file from the Windows 10 Creation Tool to the root directory of the flash drive, and boot Windows 10 from the Ventoy USB drive. Just make sure there are no spaces in the file name. (e.g. Windows-10-21H2.iso)

I’m personally not installing Windows 11 on any of my machines until there’s a reason to do so.

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