Internal Nintendo Files & Source Codes Leak Online from the 90s to the 2010s

Over the past few weeks, massive quantities of internal Nintendo files were leaked online via 4chan. We’re talking about source codes, SDKs, libraries, debug ROMs, demos, diagrams, and various documents. There are files from the last three decades, from N64 all the way up to the Wii U contained in these leaks.

My first thought was how developers of emulators would be able to benefit from some of these leaks, but if what the Dolphin Emulator team has to say holds truth, this may not possible due to the legal ramifications:

According to user Altheerios from the ResetEra Forums, this leak is separate from the one done a few years ago. Altheerios has been digging through the files and providing insight into the contents over the past week on the thread they started, so head over there if you want a look inside.

There is a lot of stuff to go through with these leaks, so if anything major happens, we’ll put up an article.

-Source code for boot0/1/2

-Block diagram/datasheets for every system component & Verilog for AES/SHA

-Documents from BroadOn describing feature planning and implementation + APIs + docs for internal software


-Source code for IOS (IOS is the Wii Operating System)

-Planning docs for implementation of the system from 2004-2006

-some wii sdk library source code (DVD, EXI)

-source code and info on manufacturing and publishing systems

-some misc. nintendo stuff (internal WPAD SDK from 2005, Wii Overview from RVL_SDK 1.0)

-“sdboot”, a special manufacturing version of boot2 which loads data from the SD card; is very buggy and likely exploitable for boot2 code execution on all Wiis (it is retail signed)

-gamecube and ique stuff as well (internal gamecube docs including physical disc layout, massive 2GB+ iQue dump including full CVS for that as well)

Debug Builds of Blue and Yellow

Source code for Blue and Yellow

Japanese Debug Builds of G/S

Symbol Map for Crystal.

G/S Source code

Spaceworld ’99 demos

Official GameBoy emulator

Internal lists that list everything released (including unreleased ones) for all Nintendo systems up to the DS

Pokémon Gen 7 debug builds, official 3DS legality checkers, a O-Power distribution CIA and a VC Mew distrubtion CIA

Source code for the N64, Gamecube and Wii


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