Nintendo Begins Offering Monetization Sharing for YouTubers [Updated]

Let me be the first to say this, but Nintendo.. screw off. Some clarification is needed here. Since the beginning of YouTube, companies like Nintendo and Sega have been dead set on users publishing gameplay captured from their games. They’ve really been against content producers earning money while using any of what they consider their content and have taken people’s videos down left and right. Mind you, this isn’t for people straight-up uploading gameplay footage, this has happened for reviews and tutorial videos alike.

Nintendo, and other publishers with similar practices, have received staunch criticism over fair use and who’s content is whom, but in the end, the big companies claim they own everything within and produced with their game.

The good news is, for every developer who doesn’t allow the publication of gameplay footage to be used, there are ten others who have absolutely no issue with it. And honestly, why should they? Gamers who share gameplay footage, reviews, and tutorials are advertising your product for free to potentially millions of people. You can’t pay for the advertising that big YouTuber’s can bring to your video game.

Well, I guess Nintendo is going to be okay with your publishing gameplay from them. But first, you have to get an okay from them. So the process goes like this:

You contact Nintendo via their Creators Portal with either your channel or the individual video. Nintendo will then take up to 3 days to approve or deny your claim. If they accept your claim, Nintendo will take 40% on individual videos or 30% on the revenue if you register an entire channel. Nintendo makes payouts via PayPal two months after YouTube cuts them a check… Seriously?

Oh, and here’s the list of supported titles:

So, you purchase your game and game console from Nintendo. You want to publish your video review of a game, but in order to do this, you have to get that video approved by Nintendo. Then two months down the line, you can earn a percentage of the revenue. Yeah, no way guys. Good luck with your dwindling Wii U sales.



Big Cheese just did a video registering for the Nintendo Creators Portal. Here’s a video showing the interface – which is admittedly not bad – as well as how users select which video they want to request approval for. Check it out: