Nintendo Wii U to Feature ATI 4000 Series GPU…. and the Crytek Engine

The Japanese website Game Watch announced some specifications on the Wii U. It appears that the GPU is based off the same chip that powered the ATI Radeon HD4870 2 years ago, (RV770). This places the console's graphic capability 3-4 years ahead of its immediate competition – which currently plans on holding off announcements on their consoles until at least 2013.

Game Watch:

Or the Google Translated Page:…


If you weren't impressed by the GPU, bear in mind that the Xbox 360 is still pushing game titles using its 5 year old nVidia 7-series video card. Out of the mass quantity of games set to launch for the first time on a Nintendo system, several hardcore games were announced at E3. As of yesterday, the CryEngine 3, according the CEO Cervat Yerli, " pretty much up and running already" on the Wii U. Other games, such as Batman: Arkham City, which uses a modified Unreal 3 engine, have already been confirmed for Nintendo's new system.


We'll bring you more Nintendo news as it develops,

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