Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Possible DLC Leaked

Mass Effect 3 was one of the few games that had DLC available on day 1 since it was released. Well now we have reason to believe there is DLC available for ME3’s multiplayer.

When I first played the multiplayer, the first thing I noticed was that there is no Geth option to use as your character, which happened to be one of my favorite characters from Mass Effect 2. Well, if the above image is correct, which originated from reddit, there are a couple things revealed:

  1. Geth’s can now be used in multiplayer, playable as an infiltrator or an engineer. Playing as an Infiltrator allows for cloaking. As we seen from the campaign and multiplayer, Geth use small turrets which is proboble what the enginner Geth will use rather than a combat drone.
  2. Batarian, which I believe is the least popular character available, can be played as a solder or a sentinel.
  3. Krogan can be played as a Battlemaster. 
  4. And they are introducing us to our third playable Asari, which is the Asari Justicer.

Battlemaster and Justicer are new roles to the multiplayer section of ME3. Hopefully Bioware can put a comment on this picture soon.



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