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H1Z1 01-15-15

H1Z1 Release Date Announced: 01-15-15

Sony Online Entertainment finally announced a release date for the highly anticipated open-world zombie game, H1Z1. Early access for H1Z1 will be released through Steam on January 15th, 2015. The game is set to...

cod on vita

Sony Agrees to Deceiving PS Vita Users

The FTC has released this morning about the charges Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony) faced in regards advertising their PS Vita back in 2012. This is when Sony released their commercial which revealed features that would come...

Playstation Now PS4 PS3

PlayStation Now Open Beta Available for the PS3

Sony’s online streaming service, PlayStation now, is finally available for PS3 owners. PlayStation Now is still in the beta stages of development, but has shown some promise for streaming PlayStation 1, 2, and 3...


PlayStation 4 to Emulate PS1 & PS2 Games

According to a report from Digital Foundry, the PlayStation 4 will be getting an on-system emulator for the PlayStation 1 & PlayStation 2. Sony has been working on the up-scaling issue so games don’t...


Killzone Shadowfall Playstation 4 Demo [Video]

The new Killzone game, Killzone Shadowfall, was demoed tonight at Sony’s Playstation 4 conference in New York. Here is the video they shared using the new Playstation 4 controller:

Playstation 4 Developer Unit

Playstation 4 Developer Unit Leaks Out

An early developer unit for the Playstation 4 leaked out today showing the system as well as the prototype for the new controller – Don’t worry, it’s not a boomerang. The system is supposed...