Bank of America Website May Have Been Compromised – Issues New Debit Cards

Bank of America has been issuing out new debit cards with new numbers to its customers, informing them their accounts may have been compromised. This after almost a week of online banking issues to which they finally put up an error message on the site yesterday. Bank of America hasn’t put out any statements regarding the issue yet, however this may be some response to the $5 fee per month that BoA will be charging next year for the privilege to use Debit cards.

Here’s a copy of the letter customers may be receiving:

The first page in the letter is the one that contains the new debit card with the activation process described. One interesting note is how non-specifically they address the issue; “We have learned that account information from certain Bank of America debit cards may have been compromised at an undisclosed third party location.”

I have contacted several other BoA owners in different regions who have received similar letters from BoA today with new debit cards enclosed.


Here is part two of the letter:


At first glance, I assumed these would be debit cards with the $5 disclosure within them, but even after reading all the 8-point font paperwork that is not displayed here, there was nothing regarding that. We’ll bring you the latest as it comes out.

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