Steam Fails on Christmas – Allows Users to See Other Users Account Info

If  you checked your account details on Steam today, you might have been surprised to find yourself looking at someone else’s account info. When I went on mine, for instance, I was able to view several separate user account details when I refreshed the page I was viewing. Though the info displayed didn’t appear to contain much in terms of personal information, like a full name or address, it is displaying account balance, several contained the last 4 digits of their phone number, and a few contained their email address.

Valve employees have been scrambling for over an hour to try and resolve the issue, but as of 4:30PM EST, I am still able to access other people’s account details when I select that option in the menu.


This is an ongoing issue right now, so we will post as things progress over the next few hours. From my access to these accounts, I was unable to get to a purchase screen, so I believe this was restricted to viewing only. However, there have been a few claims that purchases were made through PayPal due to this glitch. None of these have been confirmed as of yet.

Update: 12-25-2015 4:50PM EST

It appears that Valve has shut down the account details section on the Steam client. I am no longer able to access other user’s account details. Further, it appears to have logged me out on the Steam app on my phone.

Update: 12-25-2015 7:23PM EST

The steam store is back online after it was shut down for a while.

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