Wyze Launches Pre-Order for WyzeSense Sensor Kit

Wyze gained a lot of attention for their $20 1080p wifi security cameras, WyzeCam, which launched a few years back. WyzeCam V2 introduced Amazon Alexa support, so you could say “Alexa, show me the front door”, and the video will show up on your FireTV or Echo Show. I purchase one of these a few weeks back and have had a mostly positive experience using this outside, which you’re not supposed to as this is an indoor camera. While the app has some issues, it’s difficult to complain at the price point.

With all that being said, their app has a community and a store tab which the company frequently posts to. I noticed a new product announcement on the store page today. Wyze is launching a door and motion sensor kit that cleverly uses the WyzeCam as a WiFi bridge for the sensors to connect to. The door and window sensors are supposed to be much smaller than normal sensors, but still have up to 12-months battery life. In the video, they mention that these can be used for nearly anything, including containers and even around a dryers knob to alert you when the cycle is done. The motion sensor has 120-degrees horizontal field of view and can be used through IFTTT to control smart lights based on movement.

The initial kit is available for pre-order through the Wyze App and includes 2 contact sensors, a motion sensor, and the bridge. It’s slated to be released this May. Expansion sets without the bridge are due later on this year.


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