Sega Saturn Disk Emulator “Satiator” Beta Tested

Matt, over at Emerald Nova Games, received a beta unit for the Satiator, an optical disk emulator for the Sega Saturn. You may remember a video back in 2016 where an engineer going by the name “Doctor Abrasive” reverse engineered a Sega Saturn and used the Video CD expansion slot on the console to load in a disk image. Over the past few years he’s been developing the Satiator with the support of people on Patreon and now goes by “Professor Abrasive”.

Matt and I have both shared the hobby of collecting classic video game consoles, accessories, and games. More recently, we’ve been converting our consoles to load games over USB drives, SD cards, and hard drives where possible and practical. Being a huge fan of Sega, Matt has collected games and a dial-up modem for the Sega Saturn and is actively developing games for the Sega Saturn over on Twitch. Today, he tested a multitude of games on the current iteration of the Satiator, including a tech demo of XL2‘s 1st-person shooter engine Z-Treme and Sonic Z-Treme.

Approximate Time Indexes:

0:03 Rayman
0:16 Panzer Dragoon Saga (Expensive ass rare game)
0:17 Grandia
0:23 Project Z-Treme (Latest Build)
0:36 Sonic Z-Treme (2018 SAGE build, forgot the WAV bgm files)
0:44 Settings to dial up onto the internet (forgot to turn on modem)
0:49 Daytona USA Netlink Edition
1:00 Daytona USA Website dialed into
1:02 Christmas Nights
1:14 Croc (Broken, buit a fix is already found)
1:19 Sonic Jam
1:27 Virtual-On Netlink Edition
1:33 Shining the Holy Ark
1:38 More Sonic Jam

We’ll be following up on the Satiator soon, so stay tuned.

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