How to Play Halo Online on PC

Almost two years ago, we made a tutorial on how to play Halo Online on your PC. The game had a somewhat broken interface and was buggy, which was understandable considering it’s a fan-made port of a free-to-play Halo game that Microsoft made only for Russia.

Yesterday, Halo Online received a major update patching all sorts of issues and introducing tons of new features. Here’s how to get everything going:


As of April 26th, Microsoft started sending takedown notices for files containing their assets. As such, you will have to download the mod separately from Halo Online. With that being said, when you download the Halo Online files and the El Dewrito mod, you just need to put them both in the same folder, make sure everything is extracted, and run ElDewrito updater.

Download Links:

Note: These may change, so try the Reddit if one isn’t working.

Major Updates to Halo Online:

  • New menu interface

  • Discord integration for sending game invites

  • Forge


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or over on the YouTube video.

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