Halo Online for the PC has a trailer — Still only in Russia

So the new free-to-play Halo Online game for the PC that was announced earlier in the week just got a trailer. Honestly – it looks pretty solid. Now putting aside any of the usual issues I have with free-to-play games, I was actually ecstatic at the possibility of more Halo titles finally being brought onto the PC, where I – and millions of other PC gamers – could enjoy the story and online multiplayer. This game seemed like a good start to finally bringing a proper port of Halo 2 to the PC, as well as the newer titles.

Unfortunately, 343 and Microsoft are currently only releasing this game for the Russian market. Why? Well Russia isn’t doing so well financially and free-to-play games work exceptionally well over there. I guess they’re just playing it safe and are trying to see if a free-to-play is right for a Halo title, and also if it’s something that’s financially worth it even in a tough market.

Game Screenshots:

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