Halo 4 Release Date Is Here, Master Chief Is Back!

November 6 will be an important date in Halo’s vast and fascinating history. Turns out that Master Chief has one more adventure left in him. And his next one will take off this November on the Xbox 360.


Microsoft announced the release date for its much-anticipated Halo 4 video game on Tuesday. The latest chapter in the Halo saga will launch Nov. 6. The story will pick up four years after the events of 2007’s Halo 3, and it will help fill in many of the blanks that gaming fans had about the fates of Master Chief and his artificial intelligence partner Cortana.It will be the start of something new, Microsoft Studio corporate VP Phil Spencer hopes it will open new doors for the storied series.

In a first look trailer released just last month, the 343 Industries team talked a bit about what’s going into developing the game. They noted that they wish to build a great game that still stays true to the franchise’s roots. With a new gaming engine, many of the graphical and audio details of the game have been reworked, there’s new functionality, something’s – such as the precise, burst-fire battle rifle – have been brought back, but the team emphasizes that it is still Halo, but “with its own voice”.

      Check out the first look trailer here:


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