Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Super Bouncing WORKS!

Halo MCC Superbounce

First superbounce confirmed for Halo: Master Chief Collection

Last night, several hundred Halo fans watched hours of early livestreaming from Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Twitch. Kyle Sullivan, from Game For a Cure, managed to stream hours of live footage of Halo: MCC doing nothing but testing out many of the glitches that were available in Halo 2: Combat Evolved. From the livestream, the following glitches have been confirmed:

  1. SuperBouncing – They work. It’s been proven. The debate is done. But, they are different and a bit harder than the traditional way it was practiced in the original Halo 2. It’s no longer just a crouch, jump, and land. What has been found is that superbouncing works when done at a high altitude such that the velocity increases enough to cause a superbounce. Users in the twitch feed have explained it’s due to the resolution change and the new 60fps streaming quality.
  2. Sword Butterflying – It works. Though a bit slower than the previous methods from Halo 2.
  3. Rocket Sword Flying – Does not work. Many tests have been done, no results have show up. “YBRX” button combination does not work either.
  4. Ghost Launching – It works. Many launches have been done on headlong with a wraith launching a ghost.
  5. Out of Map – I have only witnessed getting out of map on Coagulation. This works by having an Elite eject the driver seat of the spectre on top of the map. Getting out of the map on Turf does not work. This is because being launched in the air, then holding crouch near the medical tent area, on top of the building does not let you break the barrier.
  6. Banshee Self-Launching – Works. Banshee self-launching has been confirmed to work by flipping a banshee upside-down, and shooting the opposite wing while standing on the other side. This launches the player to extreme heights, even higher than a regular superbounce.
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