Faulty Bans on Xbox 360 Consoles Lifted

Recently, there was a series of random bans on Xbox Live accounts. These bans were false-positives that have affected a number of users that have never modded their console or committed a violation against the terms of use.

A post from the head of Xbox Live’s Policy and Enforcement Team​ (PET), Stephen Toulouse, confirms that there has been a case of falsely banned accounts / consoles and this would be rectified.


Image source: Kotaku
In his post, Toulouse stated that the Xbox Live PET know exactly which consoles were affected by the random ban and declared it is a software issue, rather than an error on behalf of the PET. They put out a statement for everyone that was affected by this to try and connect to Xbox Live again, as the issue should be corrected now. Users who are unable to reconnect can contact Microsoft, but were likely to be correctly identified as violating the terms of use. To those affected and that have their accounts restored, the PET will be granting you 1600 Microsoft points and 3 months Xbox Live for the error.
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