Microsoft Stores Now Offering $99 Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles with 2 Year Contract

Yes.. we saw it coming, but now it’s finally here. Looks like you can get an Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle for $99 at a Microsoft Store when you sign up for 2 years of Xbox Live Gold at $14.99 per month. Obviously, you’d have to find a Microsoft store, but I conveniently linked their store locator there.

How does this add up?

Well, 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles are going for $299.99 ($289.99 on Amazon right now), you can pickup up an Xbox Live Gold 1 Year code from Amazon for less than $50. So $299.99 + $100 = $399.99 (or $389.99)

With the contract, $99 for the system bundle, $14.99  x 24 = $359.76 + $99 = $458.76. Essentially, for $60-70 extra – or a 12-15% price premium, you don’t have to pay quite as much for your Xbox up front.  The big question is, is it worth it to you? Personally, I think they should have went another route and made it a bit cheaper to do it this way. That way there would be more people interested in the program and you’d have guaranteed Xbox Live subscriptions coming in.


Shane Paris

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