The Xbox 360 will Kill all Cable Boxes says Microsoft

As of now, the Xbox 360 received 3 new apps to make possibly the best alternative to the regular cable box. Since the Xbox 360 first came out in November of 2005, we have seen plenty of updates to the new dashboard design, but mainly what we saw was the constant introduction of new media software, built right into the dashboard. Now, the Xbox 360 (and possibly other game consoles) may be the best source for receiving media according to Microsoft.

There are plenty of media sources via Xbox 360 and now, Microsoft introduced 3 more: Comcast, HBO GO, and MLB.TV, all completely capable with Microsoft’s Kinect. This is the first time Comcast has made their Xfinity TV available on a console which was also reported that it will not add towards the data cap to Xfinity TV customers.

The HBO Go app is also new to the Xbox dashboard, which is only usable with those with a current subscription to HBO service. Same goes with MLB.TV, being only available to those with a premium subscription.

I have been an Xbox user for 9 years, and an Xbox Live Gold subscriber for 8 years and I have witnessed many phases of the introduction to streaming content via game console. It seems there is never enough media content to be given to one game console. Fun fact: this is the reason why the Xbox Live Gold subscription has increased the price from $50 to $60 a year.

Microsoft explained that with all the services they are offering, it is only necessary for them to increase the price. As that is true, causing major increase in bandwidth consumption, it should not be that way for those who don’t use the media software given to them on their Xbox 360 dashboard.

The Xbox 360 will also be getting Bravo and Manga Entertainment:

With all these changes and updates made to the media section of any game console, it may lead me to completely forgetting about ordering any cable box or satellite, and just relying on my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for my primary source of entertainment, from gaming to TV Shows and movies. Are controllers taking over the classic remote controls?


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