Is This April Fools? ICQ Seeking Comeback, New Mobile App

I honestly thought this was an April Fools joke, until I remembered it’s April 10th. The instant messenger that hasn’t been relevant for over a decade, ICQ, is hoping to make a comeback with some updates to its mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. I’m trying out the app right now on my HTC Sensation and so far, everything seems to work well.

The last time I used ICQ was in 1999, so I have no idea what my number was. I was able to create an account with them from the phone in under 30 seconds using their text message system. No ridiculous captchas to deal with, that’s always a plus.

The one thing I always browse around in with any app is the settings menu. With the ICQ app – it allows you to link your Facebook, Twitter, & Google account to your ICQ account. One noticeable item from the menu is the ability to merge ICQ accounts. This is good, since it’s a number-based system, which is more easily forgotten than using a username. This is the route I think ICQ should take next – the whole number thing was cute back in 1999 when you were on dial-up and your phone line was tied up, but now it makes everything less personal.



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