Take Note Google: All Windows Phones to Get Update for Windows Phone 8

Listen up Google – All Windows Phones released will have updates available for Windows Phone 8. They don’t rely on the carriers to perform the updates and they don’t allow bloatware from the manufacturers. I’m an Android user, because that’s my preference – I think the operating system is there, but the update platform for the device certainly isn’t.

Windows has finally stepped up their game with their recent phones: the Nokia Lumia series and HTC Titan. With Windows 8 coming later this year, they’re starting to look tempting to many users who want their smartphones supported more than 6-months out. Their update platform still requires docking the phone to your computer, but at least they’re providing the updates.

In a recent interview with Zwame,  Nuno Silva explained that all the current Windows devices will be updated. I’m really hoping Google will choose to go this route – or at least push the manufacturers to push the updates. When carriers get ahold of the thing, they want to shove all their crap on the phones and end up not only slowing the device down, but slowing down the updates that the manufacturers release. Also.. there should be something with the contract on your smartphone that requires your device to be updated throughout your two year agreement.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu7K23EDyFs” frameborder=”0″ width=”640″ height=”480″>

How are Windows Phones updated? A notification will prompt on the Windows Phone and will show an update is available. You then use your Zune Software (Windows 7 Connector on Mac), plug your phone in to the PC, and follow the prompts.



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