Google and Motorola working on New Phone and Tablet called ‘X Phone’

Motorola and Google are rumored by The Wall Street Journal to have been working together to produce a new device which has a somewhat unique goal. After the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007, it was the new generation for mobile inventors to create devices that compete with new iPhone. This phone, however, was designed to not just compete, but to take down and replace the current iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII devices, hence it’s name.

Google Nexus 4 Devices


The above featured image may or may not be the actual model design of X Phone (actually, it’s not). All that is confirmed so far is that Motorola and Google are building some phone with the name X Phone, and it’s designed to replace the iPhone and SIII mobile devices. According toEngadget,  the X Phone is being headed up by former Google product manager, Lior Ron, and Google has been looking into supporting an actual bendable display for future mobile devices. Whether this technology will be built in to the new X Phone device or will be just another rumor is still a mystery, but the new X Phone will definitely be a phone to attack the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII.


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