Straight Talk to Carry the iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 UPDATED

iPhone Straight Talk thumbVery interesting news came in today regarding the no-contract carrier, Straight Talk. Straight Talk Wireless will be carrying the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on their $45 a month unlimited plan at Walmart stores nationwide. The iPhone 5 will be priced at $649 and the iPhone 4 is priced at $449. The iPhone is the AT&T variant of the device, so you will be operating on their GSM network. No information on whether the LTE will operate or not, but the consensus from current Straight Talk users is they only get HSPA+ for their ‘4G’ data.

Walmart will be offering a special financing option for customers using the Walmart Credit card or the Walmart Discover card. A customer who has or qualifies for either card with sufficient available credit can purchase the phone with no interest for either 18 months with the iPhone 4 or 26 months with the iPhone 5. The minimum payment per month is $25 for that program, according to the terms listed in the photo.

This looks like a decent deal if you are looking to buy a retail iPhone and go with a prepaid GSM carrier. If you are looking for an iPhone, is this something you would be interested in?

As an alternative, current iPhone users can purchase a SIM card for their phone through Straight Talk’s website for around $15. This will also work with any AT&T phone or unlocked GSM phone.

To clarify, the image to the right of this article is a thumbnail from an old eBay auction. Also, one or both iPhone models may be the CDMA variant, which would (in my opinion) significantly devalue it, since you would be limited to CDMA 3G speeds, which are generally less than 1.5Mbps.

This has been confirmed by a Walmart Press Release

Available At

Second Update:
The iPhone 5 has been confirmed to be the Verizon variant. Like the Verizon iPhone 5, the device can also operate on GSM networks using a nanoSIM card for the carrier of choice. It is shipped factory unlocked and features  HSPA+ 42Mbps.

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  • I have been using an iphone 4s user on straight talk for about a year now. It is great. I just ran a speed test (St Augustine, FL) 2.75Mbps down and 1.07Mbps up. It is good enough for me, I haven’t used LTE yet so I can’t compare. The only issue I run into is sending picture messages or mms messages to noniphone users doesn’t go through a lot. I have tried the many tricks online like switching tmobile sims, etc to change settings but it doesn’t seem to work. But I am still very happy and for $48ish dollars a month, you can’t beat it. I just email the picture and send an sms to tell them to check their mail.

  • I guess someone was wondering why the UPC was the same for both of the special financing offers… that’s one of the codes they scan on the register when you pay for the phone to actually get the no interest promo applied to your Walmart card.


  • Good news.

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