T-Mobile Expands 4G Network, Working on $4B LTE Network for 2013, & the iPhone

T-Mobile is blowing up their 4G Network; adding several more 42Mbps towers, expanding their 4G into the 1900Mhz band, and working on a 4G LTE deal with AWS spectrum they recently secured from AT&T. The 1900Mhz HSPA+ deal would allow unlocked GSM phones, such as the iPhone, to have 3G or 4G coverage. Currently, unlocked devices are limited to 2G (Edge), with the exception of a few select locations.

T-Mobile has contracted a $4 billion dollar deal with Nokia Siemens Networks and LM Ericsson AB to push their LTE services to 75-percent of the top 25 markets in the US by 2013

Interestingly, since T-Mobile held off on pushing LTE for their 4G network and expanded their current HSPA+ cellular / data network coverage, they will be launching Release 10 LTE, which basically means the majority of the bugs already worked out of the service.

Getting “4G” HSPA+ Towers:

  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Springfield, Montana
  • Madison, Wisconsin

Getting 42Mbps Today:

  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Springfield, Montana






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