Walmart Updates Family Mobile Plan – Lowers Price, Increases Data

We were the first to break the story on Walmart bringing data to their budget-friendly cell phone plan, Family Mobile, so it’s fitting that we bring you the next big change.

Starting this Sunday, July 14th, Walmart will offer two options for the no-contract Family Mobile Plan: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web* for $39.88 and Unlimited Talk & Text for $29.88. Customers of Family Mobile can mix and match the two plans – all add-a-lines get a $5 discount, as detailed in the graphic below. The unlimited web contains 2.5GB of high speed data, which is a huge increase over the existing plans, which only include 1GB of shared data.

Existing customers can dial 611 from their handsets to switch to the new plans or visit their local Walmart Wireless.

The service uses T-Mobile towers, so if you have coverage in your area, this can be a great deal for families. You can use an existing T-Mobile or Unlocked GSM handset or purchase one of the re-boxed T-Mobile phones. All you’ll need is an activation kit, which includes your SIM Card and everything needed to activate service with them. The service is without a contract, but is postpaid, so you will get billed for the services from the previous month plus tax.

My parents have this plan right now using unlocked AT&T phones. With the new data increase, I may jump on, too. Is this plan right for you? Can you see getting a cell phone plan with Walmart?


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