Walmart Family Mobile Offers $100 In Bill Credits For New Smartphones

We were the first to report on the no-contact T-mobile and Family Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II deals a few months back, so this is a perfect opportunity to be the first to report on a new promotion we were tipped on. Wal-Mart’s no-contact cell phone plan, Family Mobile, is offering $100 in bill credits for every new smartphone activated starting November 5th. Keep in mind, the monthly cost is only $45 a month and $35 for add-a-lines plus tax as it is, so offering additional discounts on top of the already inexpensive plan makes this extremely tempting.

The $100 in bill credits will be distributed over 5-months in $20 increments for every Walmart Family Mobile smartphone activated on new or existing accounts. Complete details have not arrived in the store by me, but the promotion begins November 5th. I was told existing customers should receive a text message regarding the promotion in the next few days which will let them know about the deal.

Check out your local Walmart for this killer deal and let us know below about your experience with this promotion and with Walmart Family Mobile.

Yousef Shanawany

Yousef Shanawany

Living in the heart of Silicon Valley, Yousef is a tech reviewer and editor and enjoys reading about tech news around the world. As his primary focus is the video game industry, he also loves reading about mobile and tablet news, as well as other new emerging hardware technologies. Yousef graduated from San Jose State University, earning his Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, and programming.

  • tracey knight

    is there a way to find out all the info from this ad, they did not do this advertisement

  • raburgardt

    I also fell for this sham of a promotion back in December of 2012. That was the only reason I went with Walmart Family Mobile and bought a new Samsung Galaxy II. I paid $300 for the phone but figured since I was getting $100 credit , it was really costing me only $200.00. When I was filling out all of the paperwork at the time, I noticed there was nothing on the paperwork that said I would be getting the $100 credit off my bill. The salesperson at Walmart assured me I would be getting the credit in $20 increments for the first 5 months of my billing cycle. I said I wanted something in writing or a confirmation number for proof of the promotion. The salesperson had me call Family Mobile and the representative laughed at me as he was assuring me that I would get the credit. I insisted that he give me a confirmation number which he did. Well, every month for the first six months my bill did NOT reflect the credit. They told me every month that I would get it the next month. I finally went into the store from which I bought the phone and told them what I was going through. The sales person said indeed there was a promotion and I should have gotten the credit. He said he had a special number he would call to resolve my problem. When he called he was told that I did not buy the right phone to qualify for the promotion. He even told them that it was the right phone and he knew what the promotion had said. They refused the honor the promotion! I was dealing with a mother dying of cancer at that time and did not have the time or energy to pursue it further or the change my service. At the first opportunity, which was February 23, 2015 I bought a new phone and switched over to Sprint. My account with My Family Mobile was immediately closed and I no longer had access online to pay my final bill. I called a representative to find out the amount of my final bill and how to pay it. She told me what the final amount was (which I confirmed with her twice) and then proceeded to tell me I could pay over the phone which would cost me an extra $5 or go to Walmart and pay an extra $.88 and I could not put it on my visa as I had always done. I had to pay cash or use a debit card. At that point I just wanted it over with so I made a trip to Walmart and paid the final bill. About a week later, I get a letter telling me they were sorry that I had closed the account blah, blah, blah! Because I thought I was through with them I threw away the letter. A week later I get another bill saying that I owed them for the month after I cancelled the service. I called and they told me they could see I no longer had the service but that I would have to write a letter telling them that I cancelled my service. They gave me a website address but when I went to the site there was nothing there to write in about the cancellation, I got very busy with family matters and was unable to pursue it. About a week later I get a final notice threatening to hand me over to a collection agency if I didn’t pay the bill. I called again this time telling them they still owed me $100!!!! and that I was paid in full. She claimed I never called to formally cancel the account even though everything had been ported over to a new service. She said her supervisor would have to email customer relations to get me my $100 dollars but I would still have to pay for the month after my account was closed and they would try to refund me $53.60. However it would take 5 business days to let me know what there decision was and I would have to call them back!!! There again It’s my word against hers!!!! If this does not get resolved to my satisfaction, I will try to file a class action suit> Anybody want to join me????