Walmart Family Mobile Gets Unlimited Web & New Pricing

As rumored earlier in the year, Wal-Mart's budget-friendly cell phone deal will be adding unlimited Data and MMS.

Family Mobile is powered by T-Mobile's towers and is intended to be an inexpensive alternative to contracted phone carriers and the like, offering unlimited talk and text for $45 and $25 per each additional line. Family Mobile has a decent selection of phones, but allows its users to use virtually any T-Mobile phone. All that is required is a $25 activation kit, which includes the Family Mobile SIM card.

Walmart Family Mobile

Some users bringing in Android phones to Family Mobile earlier this year were able to use the web without purchasing data cards, which is normally how users can get web service. In late September, WFM began demoing 3-Months of Unlimited Data for current and new users, as explained below:

If you were a customer before September 26, 2011:

  • All existing customers automatically get free unlimited web until 12/31/11.
  • Existing customers who add a line of service to their account between 9/26/11 and 12/31/11 will get free unlimited web for ALL LINES ON THE ACCOUNT for three months after the date the additional line is activated. 

    Example: An existing customer who adds a line of service on November 1 receives free unlimited web access until February 1, 2012 for all lines on the account.

If you’re new to Family Mobile and activate service any time between September 26 and December 31st:

  • New customers get free unlimited web for three months beginning on the date of activation. 

    Example: A new customer who activates service on November 1 receives free unlimited web access until February 1, 2012.


New Family Mobile plans are supposed to be coming out December 27th to include Unlimited Data. The new plans are $45 for the first line and $35 for each additional. Current users will be grandfathered in and will still be able to add lines on for the usual $25. As a bonus, their unlimited data will be extended through the end of March. It has not been released whether users can opt for the legacy plan, but this can still be an economical cell phone plan for families.

We'll provide further details as the new plans go into effect over the next few weeks.

Side note: Family Mobile is confirmed working with T-Mobile's "4G" towers (HSPA+), provided the phone is capable.

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