T-Mobile Galaxy S II Goes Prepaid at Walmart $299 (Updated)

Looks like Walmart will be getting the T-Mobile Galaxy S II without contract soon. According to a source at my Walmart, they will be receiving the Galaxy S II next week for $349 $299 for both the no-contract Monthly 4G Plan and Walmart Family Mobile plans.

We’ll update this as we get more details on the rollout of this inexpensive phone deal.


I just confirmed that this will only be sold with the monthly plans at this price, meaning either the $30+ a month plans for prepaid or the $45 a month Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Here’s a breakdown of T-Mobile’s Montly Prepaid Plans vs Walmart Family Mobile’s Plans


Looks like this deal goes live August 8th, so if you’re looking for a deal on a new 4G Android device, this is definitely the way to go.

Update: 8/7/2012 – Price is actually $299…wow

The phones have arrived. $349 $299 on Family Mobile and they have to be activated in store to receive them. No T-Mobile Prepaid version has arrived yet.

Galaxy S II Family Mobile $349   Samsung Galaxy S II Family Mobile Box  Samsung Galaxy S II Family Mobile UPC

Update: 8/9/2012

Additional inserts have been put in stores to display the product is available for both T-Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile



UPC Codes:

Walmart Family Mobile Rebranded Box: 610214630827

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Version: 610214630810

Now available at Walmart.com

Yousef Shanawany

Yousef Shanawany

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  • Excellent price for the phone. Several benefits over the Galaxy Nexus, including a faster CPU, an 8MP camera, and most important to me the 42Mbps HSPA+ modem for Tmo.

    • A reddtor just reminded me about the Nexus lacking an SD slot, which the Galaxy S II proudly sports.. so if expanding your memory is also on the top of your list, the S II may be a better pick for you, since it suports up a 32GB microSDHC card.

      • MHPhan

        It also works with a 64GB MicroSDXC FAT32.

        • Was not aware of that, but I’m sure 32 would suffice 🙂

  • T-Mobile has already dropped the prices on most of their prepaid phones:


  • Lyc

    Thanks for the info Yousef; have you been able to find the UPC code for the t-mobile version? I have asked for the phone at several walmarts but they ran out it and cannot located since none of them have a upc code.

    • im on the hunt also for this phone and thinking of trying a running a t-mobil bring your own phone sim from straight talk and see if there is no throttling

      • They have throttling, I’m just not sure at what point. I was told somewhere around 1-2GB is the cutoff, but you might fly under the radar if you’re not using it 24/7 tethering.

        If you read their terms and conditions, though, they do not support ‘streaming’. Their terms are fairly ambiguous in how they can terminate your services, but I have heard some people have gotten text messages telling them to stop abusing the service or their account would be suspended / terminated.

        MVNO’s like Straight Talk have lower priority on the towers they lease out space for, so if you’re in a busy area, don’t expect to get the same speeds as everyone else (ie, the carrier’s users). I’d probably look at the T-Mobile prepaid plan or Walmart’s plan.

        I did just find out that the company that runs Straight Talk, TracFone, owns Simple Mobile now – guess they bought them in June of this year.

  • Lyc

    Also, are they exactly the same? if I can find the T-mobile I may need to by the Family walmart and insert my T-mobile sim card

    • They are the same phone. The UPC for the Walmart version is listed there. The Tmo Prepaid version is still not available. If anyone does get it, that would be awesome.

      • Lyc

        No difference what so ever? I’m afraid if the walmart version is modified/adapted for them and missing t-mobile funtions/capabilities

        • No changes – they just put a sticker on the box. Actually, now the T-Mobile prepaids should be in stock, so you can go that route also.