T-Mobile Galaxy S II Goes Prepaid at Walmart $299 (Updated)

Looks like Walmart will be getting the T-Mobile Galaxy S II without contract soon. According to a source at my Walmart, they will be receiving the Galaxy S II next week for $349 $299 for both the no-contract Monthly 4G Plan and Walmart Family Mobile plans.

We’ll update this as we get more details on the rollout of this inexpensive phone deal.


I just confirmed that this will only be sold with the monthly plans at this price, meaning either the $30+ a month plans for prepaid or the $45 a month Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Here’s a breakdown of T-Mobile’s Montly Prepaid Plans vs Walmart Family Mobile’s Plans


Looks like this deal goes live August 8th, so if you’re looking for a deal on a new 4G Android device, this is definitely the way to go.

Update: 8/7/2012 – Price is actually $299…wow

The phones have arrived. $349 $299 on Family Mobile and they have to be activated in store to receive them. No T-Mobile Prepaid version has arrived yet.

Galaxy S II Family Mobile $349   Samsung Galaxy S II Family Mobile Box  Samsung Galaxy S II Family Mobile UPC

Update: 8/9/2012

Additional inserts have been put in stores to display the product is available for both T-Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile



UPC Codes:

Walmart Family Mobile Rebranded Box: 610214630827

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Version: 610214630810

Now available at Walmart.com

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