T-Mobile Galaxy S II Prepaid + $30 Card $329.99 @ Walmart.com

Sick of driving around trying to locate the Samsung Galaxy S II no-contract deal at Walmart for $299? Just order the thing online on Walmart.com and get a $30 gift card for $329.99.

Hands down, this is still the best deal out for a no-contract smartphone. As of right now, eBay is still selling used T-Mobile Galaxy S IIs in the mid to upper $300 area – and this doesn’t guarantee you warranty or protection against fraud or your IMEI being blocked.

Check it out below:



The phones are going in and out of stock online, but they continue to sell. There’s also the ability to purchase this in-store by using the method discussed last month.

Update 9/14:

Link to the product without a gift card. As of right now, unfortunately, it is listed for $349, but it does allow you to search your local store for stock:

Update 9/16:

Here’s a group of links to alternative ways to get the Galaxy S II

Prepaid + $30 Gift Card – $329.99

Walmart Family Mobile:Walmart Family Mobile: $349, but lets you check the availability in-store

Prepaid: Walmart Family Mobile: $349, but lets you check the availability in-store



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