Everex XT5300T / XT5000T Laptop Repair Guide (Fujitsu Amilo XA 1526, 1527, 2528, 2529)

If you purchased a laptop with a dedicated nVidia video card in the past 5 years and are ineligible for the out-of-warranty lawsuit, you might give this a try. This is the first video on our Youtube channel, ThatsItGuys.

Check out our laptop support forum: (Our forums are dead, post below if any questions on this ancient laptop.)

EVEREX XT5000T, XT5300T, FUJITSU AMILO XA 1526/7, 2528/9, OCZ 17″ – Laptop Support Forum Forum

This particular thread is dedicated for the support of the following laptops:
Everex XT5000T – Fujitsu Amilo XA 1526 / 1527 in Europe
Everex XT5300T – Fujitsu Amilo XA 2528 / 2529 in Europe, OCZ DIY 17″ OCZNBAN17DIYA DIY rebrand by OCZ.

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