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How to Fix Screen Brightness Control on a Laptop

If you have an laptop that all of a sudden has stopped giving you backlight control through your function keys (FN) or through the Power Options menu, we have a fix that should bring you...

Deal Alert: Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock for $50

This doesn't even need any writing. One of our writers, Yousef, purchased an Atrix a few months back and just found this steal from the AT&T website. Check it out below: http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/accessory-details/?LOSGId=accessoryBucket&q_sku=sku5100298

Microsoft Showcases the New Acer Aspire S3

Microsoft just showcased the new ultra-thin laptop from Acer, the Aspire S3. The new Acer notebook is only .67″ thick, making it thinner than the Macbook Air. The laptop will be shipping with the Intel i-Series Processors...