nVidia Laptop Class Action Lawsuit

Did you purchase a laptop between 2005 and 2007 with a nVidia video card onboard and have heat or boot issues? You may be eligible for repair or replacement from HP, Dell, or Apple outside of warranty.

The links are below, but here is some information on issues laptops have.

There are several situations that can cause problems with laptops:

  • Heat or the fluctuation of heat. This can cause the video card (and other components) to stop working.  Solder joints can get micro-fractures, which can cause incomplete contact.
  • Poor heatsink and thermal dissipation design. One thing I’ve noticed while working with laptops is they utilize thermal pads instead of thermal paste. Thermal pads are often several millimeters thick and don’t transfer heat nearly as well as a decent thermal paste does. There are several guides on using copper shims to put in place of the thermal pads, in order to make up for the space thermal pads create.
  • Poor ventilation is a big culprit with most laptops. In order to reduce the noise, most of the laptop manufacturers set the fans to only come on when the laptop has reached a certain temperature. The problem is, that temperature is often 60C (140F) or higher.

nVidia GPU Litigation

List of Affected Models

We will have a guide up in a few days about fixing broken laptop video cards, should anyone not be eligible for replacement.

Laptop repair guide video

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