Halo Reach Wireless Headset Review

If you’ve ever used a wired headset and switched to the wireless, you’ll instantly notice that it picks up unnecessary sounds in your background, loses connection frequently, and eventually, will stop charging. Luckily, the brand new Halo Reach wireless headset actually fixes some of the common problems with the old wireless headset.

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As Bungie seems to be making as many Xbox accessories as possible, this one is just what you’re looking for because it’s the same price as a regular wireless headset. So next time you’re looking for a wireless headset for your 360, pick up the Halo Reach Headset because it’s usually the same price.

The only advantage it has over the old headset is it’s microphone sensitivity. It doesn’t pick up much background noise and random sounds outside your area. It still looses signal randomly and have to wait a few few seconds to get it back, and after a month of using it, the AC adapter charger still works great other than the 8 hour charge time.

The look of the headset is great. With the metallic silver on the outside and black effects on the inside, it reminds you it’s a bungie headset and you purchased the right one. It also has Halo material written all over including the property owner ie. “Property of UNSC” and the Noble team’s logo.

When using the headset for voice chat, the input and output were great. Other gamers can hear you great, and the audio is perfect. However, I have noticed people complaining some voice lag when listening to my voice, and no, it has nothing to do with internet quality.

Overall, it’s not an upgrade to the original wireless headset and one shouldn’t expect a huge increase in quality when purchasing, but if you’re upgrading from a wired headset, give this one a chance when comparing it to the original white or black wireless headset.


Final Score: 8/10

4 / 5 stars      

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