Microsoft Unveils New Media Remote and New Wireless Headset

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has announced the New Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and Media Remote.

Here is a video of the new headset by Major Nelson:

The Headset is integrated with Bluetooth and is able to sync with most Bluetooth devices such as PC’s, Mobile phones and is able to sync with the Xbox 360. this new headset will be available for $59.99 worldwide early November 2011.

Lets not forget about that new Media Remote.

Media playback controls include play/pause, skip forward, fast forward, skip back, fast back, and display to control DVD, CD, or streamed media. The TV controls include power on/off, volume up/down, mute and TV input. The Xbox 360 Media Remote’s menu navigation controls include A, B, X, Y buttons, D-pad navigation, back and select. Live TV, if provided on the Xbox 360 by your TV service provider, can also be controlled with the Xbox 360 Media Remote. The remote will be released at $19.99 worldwide alongside the Wireless Headset early November 2011.

More High Resolution images of the devices available are available on Major Nelson Flickr

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