Mad Catz to Release New MLG Approved Controller to Solve Every Issue Possible

It seems like no matter what controller you buy, it has to have some sort of weakness. Well, Mad Catz was aware of this and said screw it, we’re making a controller with nothing wrong. Without any endorsement in saying this, this is the new Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controllers for Xbox 360 from Mad Catz.


ProModule™ components swapped at will:

What makes this controller have a chance at succeeding is its ability to switch and swap any of the joysticks with a concave (Xbox 360 style) or convex (PS3 style) version, as well as swappable D-pads, all that lock securely in place.

Removable top and side faceplates:

Self-explanatory. Set your own faceplate that securely locks in place as well. Additional faceplates will be released for consumers to buy separately. It’s not only designed for decoration, but mainly to match team colors.

Integrated weight system:

Players will now have the ability to change the weight of the controller that can add and remove up to 70 grams of mass to fit their weight preference.

High quality, three meter ProCable:

Not really needed but the controller comes with a 3 meter covered thick cable, almost indestructible and detachable to fix common cable problems.

“High quality, three meter ProCable™ features a strengthened, fully braided design, securely screwing into the Pro-Circuit Controller, ensuring zero interference or drop-out during competitive play. With the ProCable fully detachable for safe transport, gamers need no longer loop their cable round their controller or worry about the consequences that a damaged or frayed cable may bring. Additional ProCable colors and lengths will be available to purchase separately.”



A case to hold and protect the controller when not in use.

Of course, there’s a PS3 version as well:

The controller ships with the following supplies:

1 x Base Controller
4 x Analog thumbstick ProModule
2 x D-Pad ProModule (1 D-Pad for Xbox 360® and 1 D-Pad for PlayStation®3)
1 x three meter ProCable
1 x top Faceplate, 1 x side Faceplate (left & right)
1 x Weight Compartment, 1 x ProCase

The controller is expected to be released during the holiday season this year. No price announced yet, though we believe it will be around $99.


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