ILM Presents: Behind The Magic: The Visual Effects of Marvel’s The Avengers

Industrial Light & Magic has done some phenomenal work. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are the Academy Award-winning visual effects company founded by George Lucas and have worked on all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, all of the Star Trek movies from 2 on, and and about 200+ other films and TV shows. When I found out they did the visual effects on The Avengers, I was not surprised at all. What’s incredible is the entire scene in New York was CGI…

At any rate, they just put out a behind the scenes look at last year’s top-grossing film, Marvel’s The Avenger’s. This video showcases a selection of scenes from the movie’s visual effects and how they progressed from green screen to production.

ILM has been kind enough to answer some of the questions about how they produce amazing movies like this. The one that stood out (particularly since it was one of the comments they replied to) was regarding what programs they use:

“It’s a long list but the primary commercial packages would be (in no particular order): Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Flame/Inferno and 3D Studio Max and The Foundry’s Nuke. Renders include: Pixar Renderman, Solid Angle Arnold, Mental Ray and Brazil.” – ILM


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