Photoshop and all of Creative Cloud is Coming to Chromebooks

Just this morning, Google for Education released in a blog post, as well as a surprise tweet, that Creative Cloud will be coming to Chromebooks. This might seem a little fuzzy at first. The Chromebooks are known for their extremely fast boot-up and app loading time, while Creative Cloud products can be heavy on hardware, which would be slow by comparison. However, this is how Google began their blog post: “Chromebooks are fast, easy to use and secure. They bring the best of the cloud right to your desktop, whether that’s Google Drive, Google+ Photos or Gmail.” Then they continued immediately welcoming Creative Cloud into Chromebooks.

The application runs in the cloud, while the users stream it to their desktop. This solves the “heavy app” problem on the light Chrome operating system.

If you have a Chromebook, and a Creative Cloud Education membership, you can already apply to become a beta tester. The qualifications listed on Adobe’s application site states the following requirements:


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Yousef Shanawany

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