Google reveals more details about Chrome OS!

Today, Google announced their headline features for their Chrome OS along a pilot program for anyone who’d like to test drive a prototype netbook loaded with Chrome OS. Chrome OS is Google’s Linux-based cloud-centric operating system. The operating system is built around the concept of instant data and internet access, for those of us who despise waiting for a slow starting PC, when all we want is to browse the web or check some email. The Chrome OS Dev Team touts a 10-second bootup from power, auto-upgrading, Chrome Store web apps and sandboxed browsing to cage malicious code and viruses.


Data Sync between Chrome OS and the cloud is automatic and keeps your files back-upped on Google’s server, allowing user’s to take their files and settings along with them when they log onto other Chrome OS netbooks. There’s also a built in media player and Adobe Flash is installed out of the box. Connectivity is also solid with WiFi and 100Mb of 3G service, courtesy of Verizon Wireless, with several upgrade plans available.

The Chrome Web Store is Google’s solution to improve the discoverability of several web apps for new users, with the store cataloging several apps already. Google was clear that today’s announcement was very preliminary. Chrome OS isn’t nearly ready for public consumption and no release date has been announced. Although, a few lucky users will get a CR-48 prototype netbook loaded with Chrome OS, as part of Google’s Pilot program.

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