Kevin Rose Releases Oink on the iPhone

Kevin Rose, co-founder and former CEO of Digg, just released a new service developed by his new group Milk called Oink. Oink is a rating service that allows its users to review items and services. For instance, if you are in a particular restaurant, you can rate individual items on the menu – which is going to be continuously updated on the Oink database. Individual items will be categorized so related items and keywords can be associated with the item. This info will help rank it for that location, which will allow other users of Oink to find businesses in the area that have great reviews on what they're looking for. The more reviews you do, the more points you get – which allows you to access more features in the application. With it being a social application, it of course has a 'share with friends' function, which allows users to share items with their friends.

Restaurants are not the limit of the service, categories are being submitted by the boat-load, including video  games and movies. The food and service industry will likely be the primary focus, however. Oink is currently free on iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users – no word on if an Android app is in development.

Watch the video below for a more visual explanation by Kevin Rose himself:

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