Verizon Releases New Single Line Smartphone Plans Starting at $45

Verizon just slipped in a new postpaid plan for individuals who don’t use a lot of data. The new plans start at $45 a month plus taxes, which is $40 less than what they’re currently offering on Mobile Share.


The base plan is $45 and includes unlimited talk and text, plus 250MB of data. The other plan is $60 and includes 1GB of data.

Both plans have data overages in $15 increments ― 250MB and 500MB respectively ― as well as a $5 ‘World Messaging Unlimited‘ plan, which is provided free for the first three months of service.

These plans are targeted towards individual users who need the Verizon coverage, can get by with the data limit, but don’t want to pay the $85+ monthly rare with the mobile share plan.

One question I had was why this over their current prepaid plan which gives you an additional Gig of data on the $60 plan? Turns out even if you activate a 4G LTE Verizon phone on that plan, you will only get 3G service with it. The same goes with the MVNO, Straight Talk.


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