AT&T Follows Verizon’s Lead, Adds Family Shared Data for up to 10 Devices

Following Verizon’s Shared Data plans from earlier this year, AT&T finally released the pricing on their upcoming data-focused Mobile Share Plans. The Mobile Share Plan allows up to 10 devices to share from a set data pool at up to 20GB. Each device requires an access fee on top of the data plan, including basic phones, smartphones, and mobile data devices. The Data package includes unlimited texting, which is a $20 feature on current plans, so keep this in mind when comparing the plans ‘apples to apples’.

Plan Breakdown:

STEP 1: Choose your AT&T
Mobile Share Plan
Per Month
1GB 4GB 6GB 10GB 15GB 20GB
Mobile Share with Unlimited
Talk & Text
$40 $70 $90 $120 $160 $200
+ + + + + +
Each Smartphone* $45 $40 $35 $30 $30 $30
STEP 2: Add more devices to your Mobile Share Plan
Basic & Messaging phones Laptops, LaptopConnect, Mobile Hotspot Devices & Netbooks Tablets & Gaming Devices
Shared Data, Unlimited Talk & Text Shared Data Shared Data
$30 each/month $20 each/month $10 each/month

Since AT&T changed their data plans last year and complicated everything, I’ll use the previous data plans as a comparison. Lets say you had two smartphones back in 2010 with the 2GB data package which was $20, unlimited text ($20), and the unlimited minutes plan ($119.99 for 2, $49.99 add’l 3). You’d be looking at $119.99 + $40 or a total of $159.99 + tax. On the new plan, you would probably share 4GB of data, so you’d be looking at $70$80 for the 2 devices or $150. In that particular scenario, you would be a bit cheaper – and maybe you’d add a $10tablet to the mix.. or maybe upgrade your data while you’re at it.
If you are on the current plan with 3GB of data, which is $30, you would be looking at a similar scenario, but with more savings (odd?):
Current Plan: $119.99 + $60 for the 2 x 3GB + $20 for the unlimited messaging = $199.99
New Plan: $90 + $70 for two smartphones = $160 or a savings of $39.99… huh…
I’m sure some people will find a situation where their plan is more expensive, but do keep in mind if you are on a grandfathered unlimited plan, you will be able to retain that.


Mobile Share FAQ:

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