Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise D recreated in Unreal Engine 4 – Oculus Rift Compatible

I check the internet for news throughout the day and occasionally things will grab my attention. As a huge Star Trek fan, when I see that someone is recreating the Enterprise from my favorite series, The Next Generation, I immediately stop everything I’m doing and focus on that.

Jason B is in the process of recreating the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation using the Unreal Engine 4. On top of that undertaking, he’s also making it Oculus Rift compatible. So far, the exterior is mostly done. Decks 1 through 4 – which includes the main shuttlebay – are in progress and even include functioning terminals. But the most important area on the ship – the bridge – is almost completed.

If you are as interested in this project as I am, you can follow the links below to the project’s website, as well as the social media platforms.

Project Website:





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