Kevin Rose’s Oink Shuts Down after 5 months

If you remember a few months back, Co-Founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, launched an application similar to Yelp for mobile devices iOS devices that allowed its users to review individual items and services provided by local businesses. The idea behind the app was interesting, because it allowed for reviews of specific items, such as an entree carried at a restaurant. I tried the app out when it launched on my iPhone, but it never seemed to catch on. They never ended up developing an Android app, plus the name was terrible. One of our writers,Yousef, described their choice as picking a name from a hat. Hopefully his company, Milk Inc. will use this as a learning tool and put out something that has a better fit. It’s unfortunate, because the concept was there, the execution behind it wasn’t.

The program will be shut down March 31st, giving current users the capability to get their reviews off the program.




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