The New COD: MW3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console

Just this morning, Major Nelson revealed in his recent blog, that at COD XP, it was announced that a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 console will be heading to stores starting November 8th, 2011 and will be priced for $399.99 but is it worth the extra hundred bucks?

Well, turns out, it is worth putting your money into when it was stated that it will have a hard drive of 320GB, larger than any Xbox console existing today. The console also comes with a copy of Modern Warfare 3, 2 D-pad rotating controllers, it’s own MW3 skin for the console and the controller, the new wireless Bluetooth headset for Xbox Live and other Bluetooth devices, and new sound effects that trigger when the console turns on, or when the disc tray opens. A one-month free Xbox live trial is also included.

*Both the MW3 controller and headset will be sold separate after the console is released.


Photo Gallery of Console



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  • Jet Berry

    I want I want I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!

    • Diane Berry Terhune

      Save your money!!!! :)

  • Armando Gutierrez-Chavez

    how much kinda forgot.

    • Tyler King

      the final estimate came to about $399.99

    • Universal Gaming Community


  • Josh Muller

    um yeah so if anyone decided to buy me this console package I would be very gratefull like we can talk ya know :)

    • Cain Gilson

      I paid £20 for a preorder for this console. Made sense.

    • Ellen Warren

      per-ordered it for my bf today =]

  • Alberto Nahum Castellanos


  • Ivan Torres

    I got the MW2 edition…

  • Mikey Angelo Fumi

    Does anyone know where to get the headset? I know it's sold for $69.99, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!

    • Yousef Sh

      The MW3 Wireless headset and Controller will both be sold separate after the console release date. I just updated the article.

    • Jamal Zeigler


  • Jc Doper

    I want to know if u can trade a xbox360 kinect with two controllers for the new mw3 xbox360.

    • Jamal Zeigler

      they wont trade probally take some off but nt a compleate trade

  • Rubi Chann

    I'm a girl gamer and this is got to be an amazing game. I was looking at battlefield 3 and I was disappointed on how many bugs it has. I don't care if this is similar to mw2 because that game was great! I was lucky enough also to get it in this fb page