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In today’s video game environment, it seems the only way to become an ultimate Xbox 360 gamer is to spend a ton of money. To become an active hardcore gamer, you need to spend even more money on what you just purchased. Or as I like to put it, gamers no longer run the video game society, consumers do. So here are a few tips on how to get more out of your gaming, with less spending.


Xbox Live Rewards Program (above picture)

It took Microsoft 8 years to reward their gamers, but they finally released a rewards system for any Xbox Live user who purchases Microsoft Points and uses it for downloads. The Xbox Live Rewards Program rewards those who renew their Xbox Live Gold Subscription, purchase downloadable content with their Microsoft Points, or activates and uses Netflix on their Xbox 360.

Bing Rewards

Another way to get points is actually another rewards program by Microsoft. Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine, rewards users for searching while logged in. There are many other ways to get Bing Points, like making purchases through Bing retailers, however, the easiest way is just by using their search engine. You don’t have to click links, just search. You get 1 point for every 2 searches you do with Bing. You also get points by completing offers advertised by Bing. 400 Bing points can be redeemed for 400 Microsoft Points.

Sign up for Bing here

Buy 1 Get 2 Free

A system exists in which you or a friend can buy one game, and can share it with 2 others for free. Do this by buying something with a new account, license transferring to a second console, and a third friend can recover it with a third console. It’s a complicated procedure but in short terms, next time a friend buys something from the XBL marketplace, tell him to buy it from a new account, and just recover that account and start playing the game for free.

Just Plain Free Games

Currently, there are 4 games that are legitimately free from the XBL marketplace. As of today, this includes: Aegis Wing, Dash of Destruction, Harm’s Way, and Doritos Crash Course. Of course, this is not limited to only those 4 games. If you have the popular game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, then you can get 6 more games for free. For some reason, if you start up a Private Match in Modern Warfare 2, and quick launch select demo games, it will launch the full game instead. And it unlocks achievements and stores high scores, but does not save progress. The games you can quick launch are Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, I Made a Game with Zombies, KOF98UM, GAROW MOW, and SAMURAI SHODOWN II.

Download History

This is one people usually forget about. Going through your download history is easy and you can get a ton of games. If you’ve had Xbox Live for a while now, then you’ve probably downloaded a bunch of stuff. Well, now it’s time to go back in time and re-download what you paid for. Under account management, go to your download history and re-download all the games you used to play when you first got Xbox Live, and they’re all free to you. Remember once you buy games, you have them for life.

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