Playstation Network Now Restored

It looks like the Playstation Network is finally getting something working. Fresh off the PSN Blog, the network is going up today. Users will first get a firmware upgrade from Sony on the PS3, then will be required to sign in and change their password and update info on the account.

Yousef will be back on here later with an update on the PSN and with a video explaining how everything is working.–-psn-restoration-begins-now/

Update from Yousef:

As of right now (7:46 pm PST), if you sign on PSN, it will ask you to change your password than your previous one and it must be different. It will take several hours to get the whole world back up, but currently there are some cities and states in the USA with online PSN access (last link on this article). I am currently in The Bay Area, California and have signed on PSN successfully. It appears that the metropolitan area is back up and running (New York, New Jersey, etc.).

Latest Update:

PSN is now up for all of the United States and the rest of the world. Game on, we’ll bring a review out for Steam on the Playstation Network as soon as possible.

Bringing you the latest on the Playstation Network.

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